Join the VNPA, VEFN and other environment groups on Thursday 28 November in Melbourne to demand real action for nature!

It is very clear from the current state of Victoria’s environment that bold action is needed by the Andrews Government to protect the places and wildlife we love – our National Parks, forests, rivers, beaches, oceans, native plants and animals.

As biodiversity continues to rapidly decline, habitats become more stressed, species become more threatened, and the climate crisis escalates, we can’t waste any more time.

So let’s get together to show our community’s grave concern and urge for more action by the Andrews Government to address these urgent problems.

On Thursday 28 November, just before the fifth anniversary of the election of the Andrews Government, environment and community groups from across Victoria will rally together to demand bold action to protect Nature for Life.

Date: Thursday 28 November
Time: 12pm–2pm
Place: Parliament steps, Spring St, Melbourne
Followed by: BYO picnic in Treasury Gardens

We want to deliver a positive message of what can and should be done in this term of government to protect nature.

To make this happen, we need everyone to bring a banner, sign, puppet or other craft work to represent the special place you think deserves better protection from the government.

RSVP at the event page, set up by our friends at the Victorian National Parks Association >>