Dear VEFN Community,
It’s with great excitement that we unveil the steadfast team leading the charge for a sustainable future—the 2023-2024 Victorian Environment Friends Network (VEFN) Committee. Elected during our AGM on Saturday, November 18th, these passionate individuals are set to build upon the green legacy established in 2022.
🌿 Meet Your Continuing VEFN Committee:
Convenor: Anthony Bigelow
Deputy Convenor: Laura Mumaw
Treasurer: John Orr
Secretary: Margaret Hunter
Committee Members:
Judith Baldacchino
Carol Challis
Callum Clarke
Clive Edington
Jessica Gerger
Andrew Lucas
Dr. Nadine Richings
Graham Ross
These dedicated committee members, along with our steadfast leaders, are ready to work hand in hand with the VEFN community to continue fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for all.
Pictured (L-R)
Andrew Lucas, Dr. Nadine Richings, Graham Ross, Jessica Gerger, John Orr, Clive Edington, Laura Mumaw, Carol Challis, Anthony Bigelow and Margaret Hunter.  Absent: Judith Baldacchino, Callum Clarke