Use the Friends Finder below to find Friends groups that care for particular native plants and animals.

Bittern Bushland Preservation Society
David Stewart
5979 3583

Boneseed Volunteer Care Unit
Stuart Weir
5986 3164

The Eltham Copper Butterfly, Friends Of
Wayne Kinrade
8415 0935

Field Naturalist Club of Victoria
Established in 1880,  FNCV is Victoria’s oldest field naturalists club.
Maxwell Campbell

The Grey Crowned Babbler, Friends Of
Doug Robinson
5761 1676

The Helmeted Honeyeater, Friends of
We share a concern for the future of our critically endangered Victorian bird emblem and want to contribute to the conservation of Australia’s unique flora and fauna.
Sue and Bruce Tardif
0419 023 622

The Koalas, Friends of
Patsy Hunt
0484 921 028

Leadbeater’s Possum, Friends of
Advocating for the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum, Victoria’s endemic faunal emblem.
Sue Blendell
0427 055 071

Native Fish Australia (Victoria)
Native Fish Australia is a volunteer organisation that is open to anyone who cares about the well-being of Australia’s native freshwater fish and the rivers, streams and other waterways that they inhabit.
Tim Curmi
0417 419 765

The Platypus, Friends Of
Geoff Williams
9716 1613

Little Tern Taskforce
Peter Mitchell
5156 3007

Malleefowl Preservation Society
Archie Vann
5023 4439

Tree Project
Rachael Ollivier
9650 9477

Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group
Ann Stokie
5229 8648